Building Materials

We offer a wide range of building materials with many recognized and well-established brands/agency products, mainly for the building materials trade. We have also developed a range of proprietary products such as trolley- and panel segments, and we develop private label concepts in consultation with our customers.

The best conditions for building materials- and flooring specialist retailers

With our wide product range, we are addressing the needs of both the individual building materials traders and the larger building materials chains across the country. Through our sales, we guarantee professional advice for each product. Our stock and ordered products include windows, exterior-, interior- and storage room doors, garage doors, minerit boards, glue- and LVL beams, mouldings, attic stairs, adhesives, and much more. We also offer a complete range of Siberian larch, as decking, paneling and joists in many different dimensions, and also thermo-wood from Lunawood and composite from Trex.

We also have an extensive range of panels/sheet material, adapted for the building materials sector, as well as a wide range of glues and worktops.

Examples of some of the brands we offer:
Casco, Cembrit, Classic Door, Trex.


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