Why Fredricsons Trä?

Our ambition is to be the market leading, innovative, stock holding and most natural business partner for you. Expertise, tradition and innovative thinking are our key watchwords. With expertise and tradition, we have built up a stable business and great industry expertise to lean back on. But it’s with innovative thinking we move towards the future.

Complete range of products and services

We are continuously developing new products and new services, in part to broaden our range and in part to make it easier for you to become a customer of ours. By constantly introducing new interesting materials and developing niche products we are maintaining our position of offering the most attractive range on the market. We want Fredricsons Trä to be the obvious choice for both today and tomorrow.

Our customers are mostly within the woodworking industry, building materials trade, along with architects and flooring contractors/distributors. We promote the market’s most complete product and service offering in wood, panels, together with building materials and flooring products.

Secure deliveries and smart logistics

It should always be easy to do business with us. Fredricsons scheduled transport runs daily according to an advanced scheduling system across Sweden departing from our strategically located facilities. This ensures delivery times are met and minimizes any risk of damage. We can also offer Just-In-Time (JIT) deliveries when needed, and we have a SIMA-lift-truck that transports some of the 400 or so containers we receive annually.

Of course, we also ship goods to our northernmost customers – being well-recognised as a service-oriented company we consider efficient deliveries to all our customers as the norm. With our strategically placed warehouses in Arlöv, Gothenburg, Rönås, Stockholm, and Vaggeryd we can simplify the logistics for our customers.

High degree of refinement

We carry out the cutting of panels/board materials as well as planing, splitting, trimming, cutting and drying of wood products. More and more customers are now choosing to let us do all or part of the refining process. We can cut to the specific dimensions you need for panel products, which means you can increase your capacity and profitability. With ready-made formats adapted to the production process, our customers save both time and storage space as well as achieving a more efficient production.

Products from around the world

We can offer a broad and extensive stock of sawn timber and wood-based panel materials from around the world. Using our innovative thinking, we are also developing niche products, such as a full range of Siberian larch and strips in a variety of woods. We also make sure that you get access to the latest market news, from Trex, Valchromat, and Viroc. If you have a specific requirement, there is always the possibility to influence our future inventory. We are happy to assist you with profiling your products for marketing purposes.

Group Company

SONSA Business AB

Fredricsons Trä AB is part of SONSA Business AB (SONSAB), together with Direktlaminat, Wiwood, Mivall Byggross and Produktma. SONSAB is owned by Peter Gyllenhammar AB (PGAB).




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Box 55
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Box 8844
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Farabolsvägen 21, Rönås
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Betongvägen 6A, Länna
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Ödestuguvägen 40
SE-567 32 Vaggeryd
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