Our Distributors/Dealers

If you are a private individual and looking for any of our products, there are three main channels you can access for price and delivery information depending on the product type. For solid wood, hardwood, sheet material and laminate for cutting, we advise you to contact a carpenter for price and delivery information. Tell them that you want material from Fredricsons Trä.

A large choice of building materials dealers

For panel materials (as well as carpentry- construction qualities), agency products and products for the outdoor environment, do not hesitate to contact the building materials trade. We cooperate with retailer chains and, with a wide range of independent retailers. Please note that all chains do not automatically stock the full Fredricsons range. Always ask for Fredricsons Trä materials to ensure that you get the right product.

Products for flooring

For flooring products, with or without installation, you can also contact flooring dealers or flooring contractors. Specify that you want products from Fredricsons Trä.


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