Solid Wood

Among our customers in the woodworking industry are boat builders, interior designers, kitchen manufacturers and moulding companies, furniture manufacturers and joiners. Fredricsons Trä imports and stocks products from around the world. We also have a comprehensive processing service, such as drying, cutting and edging.

A very broad range of wood products

Our diverse product range also includes niche products. For our different customer groups, we are a well-established partner, who can offer a comprehensive and broad warehouse stock from around the world. In our warehouses are, for example, a full range of American hardwoods such as oak, ash, alder, cherry, linden, maple, cedar, walnut, poplar, and more. But also Finnish birch, beech and many other species from Europe and the rest of the world. We can offer all conceivable wood products within the same delivery.

Another part of our business, which we prioritise, is introducing interesting new timber products to provide a unique range. With innovation, we develop unique niche products such as Siberian larch and thermo-treated woods and composites. The strips are another example, of how we can significantly reduce operating costs for our carpentry customers.

Our wood is carefully selected to meet the highest quality standards in their respective classification. All wood is dried. Stated specific weights are approximate and may vary up to + -10%. With our wide network and our large volumes, we can also provide, on request, a variety of woods beyond our normal warehouse assortment.

Examples of some of the product groups we offer:

Solid Wood


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